Deity painting:

We paint new deities of Nitai Gauranga, Gopa, Radhakrishna and Lord Jagannath . Old Deties also can be restored and painting . Custom painting of deities undertaken on request.

We recommend you to take a complete set of Jewellery for the deities please send size of your Deities for sending the price.

Jwellery for daily ware and for festivals and special occasions.

Custom made Jewellery available for larger Deities .

image 1
image 1
image 1
´”With our material eye we can see only stone, earth, wood – something tangible. Therefor Krishna
comes as arca-vigraha a form conveniently represented by the Supreme Lord in order for us to see Him.
The result is we concentrate upon the image and make offering with love and devotion.
Krishna will respond through this image. — Srila Prabhupada’s purports.Raja Vidya.3 Knowledge of Krishna’s energies.