Deity Dresses

Ready made Dresses in a wide range of designs, sizes for all deities. Orders for Custom made dresses accepted.

Dresses available in Cotton, silk and blends with self design, embroidery, and hand work in stones etc.

Deity dresses for Night wear available.

Deity dresses for custom made orders can be placed giving details of size, material, colour and designs.

Prices and estimates along with delivery schedule given on request with details.

The following Deity Dresses are available ex-stock:

Dresses for Lord Nitai Guaranga.;

Lord Jagannath, Lord Baldev , and Subhadra mai.

Gopal and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

"My devotee should then lovingly decorate Me with clothing, a brāhmaṇa thread, various ornaments, marks of tilaka and garlands, and he should anoint My body with fragrant oils, all in the prescribed manner." — SB 11.27.32